Hi there, I'm Pauline!

If you’re reading this, you’ve made the decision to stop scrolling. I’m honoured.

I live north of Toronto, but I spend a lot of time shooting around the city and wherever life takes me. I have always loved observing the world through a viewfinder. Ironically, it has given me a larger perspective on life than anything else.

Photography allows me to capture people and things around me in ways that are communicated but not necessarily felt. These are difficult emotions to explain, but such is life. I look to make tangible that which is fleeting, and sometimes not even present. Most importantly, I seek to create experiences and photographs that are composed with a collective vision in mind.

Let’s create unique moments that nobody can take away and photos that can take you back to those moments. 

If you've found connection with my work, I would love to chat with you! 


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